Licensed Architect * Team Leader * Master Professional * QA/QC Manager


Gregory received a  Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign in 1989. He has been licensed to practice architecture in California since October 1991. Gregory has developed many highly-useful skills in the industry with his top four strengths being:

  • Problem Solving,
  • Leadership,
  • Project Management, and
  • Technical Detailing.

The Architect:

Gregory always maintains an innate understanding of the big picture. He is an excellent solution generator with a focus on satisfactorily reconciling project requirements with codes, standards, guidelines, ordinances, design criteria and the design intent. He often meets functional and organizational requirements with innovative yet cost effective solutions.

An excellent mentor, Gregory leads by example, using a collaborative, team-oriented, and learning environment. He consistently encourages his team members to look for and accept new and challenging opportunities to excel to their greatest potential. He believes ever effective manager is only as successful as his / her team, and approaches them as if he were training his own replacement. How else can a manager excel to achieve new goals. He has served in management roles such as: Departmental Deputy Director, Managing Architect, Team Leader, Group Leader and Project Manager. With 25+s life from inception to completion.

By nature Gregory is a detail-oriented person with an intuition for how parts and pieces of construction fit together as well as their interdependent relationships. He is experienced with Types I, II, III & V Construction and fully adept with several codes, standards, ordinances and of course ADA.  He has worked on projects requiring a knowledge of the IBC, CBC, CFC, CPC, CEC, NFPA 101 and 130. As a adept author he has produced several reports, Basis of Design, policy manuals, analysis, QA/QC plans, and document control procedures.

At TranSystems he was the Responsible Architect (signing and stamping) for the Sacramento Intermodal Transit Facility Phase 1 – Track Relocation Project located at the Sacramento Valley historic depot. His duties included all architectural and aesthetic design and coordination. He was also the Responsible Architect for the South Sacramento Light Rail Extension Phase 2 – 3 stations while concurrently providing technical assistance on projects such as a New Car Dealership, Military Design-Build Administration Buildings and the Fed Ex Oakland International Airport Sort Facility Expansion.

As the Deputy Director of VBN Architects’ Transportation Group, he managed the daily coordination of group resources including staff, Led other Project Managers and Project Architects and their teams in addition to managing his own projects. As the Lead Project Architect on 3 of the BART to San Jose Stations through 50% design he worked with 3 other station specific Project Architects coordinating consultants and managing the functional program of the stations. He participated in all consultant coordination and team coordination with the client and prime consultant.

As Managing Architect for SBA Architects in Santa Clara, CA, the majority of his time was spent as the primary contact for several multi-million dollar Light Rail Transit (LRT) projects for the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA). He managed the day-to-day operations of the office and the team of 5 – 9 people. He was responsible for all staff assignments and productivity, in addition to supporting the Principal in business development. He has served on 4 Value Engineering exercises, and as a Design Peer Reviewer for Phase 1 of the Metro Valley Transit Light Rail System in Phoenix, AZ.

He looks forward to assisting you with your project needs.